Smooth process using these folks ! Great service and AMAZING results. We had our pool resurfaced and it looks so good , I couldn't be any happier. Very quick turnaround too!
Lauren D.
Great work and service!
Spiro S.
Four Seasons at El Dorado Hills
Parrott Pools gets the job done. Fair and friendly service. I recommend them to everyone!
California Family Fitness
Sacramento, CA
From start to finish, everyone was professional, knowledgeable, and honest. The work completed was first class. We are so happy with the finished product. Our 23 year old pool looks absolutely new again. Best in the business.
Brad P.
Folsom, CA
WOW WOW WOW! If I could give this company more stars, I would. My pool is 44 years old and had been poorly plastered years prior by a previous owner. I was considering a new tile surround, and I needed to replace the pool railing and add a railing to my spa. I also wanted new pool lights. I called Parrott Pools based on their excellent Yelp reviews. Tom arrived at my house within a couple of days and suggested a pebble surface, rather than plaster, saying it would be more beautiful, more durable, and less likely to discolor or stain over time. He also left me with a tile catalog and gave me suggestions. He offered to take me to see one of the pools they had recently completed in Folsom. It was beautiful, so I decided to go ahead. On January 23rd, the pool was drained, and ONLY TWO WEEKS later, on February 6th, the work was completed! I couldn't believe how fast they worked, and I couldn't be happier with the results!

Aside from the quality of their work, I can't say enough about their customer service. Josh Parrott made several visits to monitor progress. Jen, the "customer advocate," made sure I was informed, on a daily basis, of when workers would be arriving and what was planned for that day. She was consistently cheerful and helpful throughout the process. One thing I noticed is that Josh, Tom and Jen are all really good listeners. Even when they had answers at the ready for my questions and concerns, they let me finish my sentences. I appreciated that.

Their workers, Victor and Matthew, could not have been nicer or more professional, as they prepared the pool for the new pebble surface. They were also invaluable when I needed to choose a secondary tile for the spa to go with the pool tile. Their experience over the years prevented me from making a choice I know I would have regretted. And they did a beautiful job of installing the new tile! The additional crew brought in to install the pebble surface were also completely professional. All the workers were respectful of my property and privacy, and left my yard tidy at the end of each workday. After the pool was completed, Victor and Matthew cleaned and power hosed my pool deck, removing any remaining bits of construction material.

Now for the story that sells me even more on this company: Tom sold me on the idea of fancy pool lights that offer different colors, but when they were installed, I wasn't happy with the main pool light, because it didn't light up the entire pool, as my former light had. So, he had the new one replaced with my old one to see if I liked it better, which I did. I had already made out a check for my final payment and gave that to them, not realizing that there would now be a substantial credit for the fancy light. So, the next day, Jen called me and said, "We owe you $800! We're bringing you a check." I told her, "Golly, you could have gotten away with that." And she said, "That's not the kind of company we are." Boy, I'll say! They are an exceptional group of people. I only wish I had another pool for them to renovate. I highly recommend Parrott Pools!
Marcy A.
Carmichael, CA
Josh and Victor came to clean up all the construction mess in our pool in advance of the finish being installed. Their attention to detail, quality work, and customer service is exceptional. Really appreciate their kindness and insight. -
Susan R.
Sacramento, CA
I was referred to Parrott pools by my pool service guy. My plaster was looking horrible and needed a face lift but I couldn't afford brand new plaster. Josh came to our house and explained an acid wash etc. we decided to have his company acid wash our pool and it was the best decision ever. He was super upfront, reasonable and on time. Lauren In the office was awesome and the communication was 100 percent! I highly recommend Josh, Victor, Lauren and the rest of there team. professional and easy!
Alicia D.
El Dorado Hills, CA
I can't thank Parrott Pools enough for their immediate response and exceptional services they provided me. Victor and Josh know their trade and are great people. Lauren was exceptional in coordinating the appointments to get the jobs done in a timely manner. I am grateful there are companies that truly care about their customers. I highly recommend Parrott Pools.
Linda F.
Sacramento, CA
Josh and Lauren have been nothing short of amazing!! We were referred to Josh by a friend when we were struggling to get the help from the builder of our pool. Josh came out and was very honest in his review and told us up front the pros and cons and the cost of having to acid wash our brand new pool due to faulty work by another company. The end result was exactly what we expected and we were so happy to finally get the service we deserved. We also had an issue with a pool leak that Josh came out to look at for us ...even though he couldn't help detect the leak he referred us to another reputable company that was able to help us. The customer service that Parrot Pools provides is above and beyond! Thank you both Josh and Lauren!!
Shayla L.
Rancho Cordova, CA
Our pool suddenly got a crack in the deep end and showed rust from the underlying rebar. Earthquake, soil shrinking from drought? We searched for 3 months to get anyone to come out to repair it. No one wanted to patch it and bids to re-plaster the whole pool were many thousands of dollars. Finally was referred to Parrott Pools - hooray! Josh was helpful and knowledgeable. He suggested a new process for the plaster that penetrates the plaster and hardens it giving us a several more years before re-plastering. He scheduled us quickly and it took two days to drain, patch (can only see the patch because we know where to look) and do the plaster treatment. By day three we were in the water again. We were thrilled by how fresh and new the whole pool looked! All at a fraction of what others were estimating. Highly recommend this service and Parrott Pools to anyone who wants an older pool to sparkle again!
Sacramento Resident
You offered a fair price. You sent your guys, and they did the work. Some highlights for me: Everyone showed up on time!! So refreshing. Everyone was friendly!!! So refreshing! You did what you said you would do! So refreshing!!! To top it off, the Victors patched up our waterfall and reduced the leaking by “99%.” It only leaks about 1 inch per 5 hours now. (Used to empty completely in 90 minutes.) This was a reasonably complicated job, and one no one wanted. But you worked with us, set a fair price, and virtually fixed our waterfall entirely. Thank you! You guys rock. I would enthusiastically recommend or hire you again!!!!!!
Adam A.
Folsom, CA
The top of the swimout ledge on the deep-end wall of our in-ground pool was 22 inches below the adjacent patio surface, making it difficult to enter and exit the pool by using that ledge. A stack of five stepping stones halving that distance provided an unstable and unsightly temporary solution, but my wife and I wanted a stable and elegant permanent solution. A concrete step, covered in PebbleTec to match the pool's surface finish, would provide that solution. I contacted or tried to contact several pool renovation companies about adding a step. Three weren't interested in the job, and the rest didn't even bother to get back to me. Fortunately, Parrott Pools was interested in doing the work. On the job's first day, Victor and his crew poured and hand-formed the new step. On the second, they applied PebbleTec. Result: The new step doesn't look like an add-on but like it was included when the pool was built 22 years ago (see photo). Administrator Lauren was easy to communicate with, and everyone was very courteous and professional, including owner Josh Parrott. Thank you, Parrot Pools, for a job very well done! The new step exceeds our expectations.
Carl B.
Sacramento, CA
It is a breath of fresh air to come across a company that has this type of dedication to quality workmanship and customer service. It is truly exceptional. Josh knows his trade and communicates the what, the how, the why, and the when with integrity. They showed up on time, had great communication, did exceptional work, had reasonable pricing, and their follow-up to make sure we were happy and satisfied was genuine. We found them to be highly professional. Overall, Josh, Lauren, and Victor are a SIX-STAR team. Truly, they are a cut above the rest. It was a pleasure to work with them. We highly recommend them.
Karen R.
Sacramento, CA